Nuclear Decommissioning
Kind Consultancy s.r.o. established in 2013 is run by Kristína Krištofová who has 18 years of experience in nuclear decommissioning for facilities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Advisory and consultancy services in decommissioning are provided for operational as well as for already shutdown power and research facilities.
Key areas include facility inventory database development, regulatory support for decommissioning, dose rate calculation and modelling, review and development of safety documentation for operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and last but not least training and lecturing.
Clients are supported directly through framework contracts or in an associate capacity.

Kind Consultancy s.r.o. provides a wide range of advisory and consultancy services in planning and implementation of nuclear decommissioning.

These services include:

  • Facility inventory database development for power and research reactors worldwide
  • Nuclear regulatory authority support by elaboration of safety guides, independent reviews and technical studies
  • Radiation dose rate calculations for radioactive waste management (RAW) scenarios by using MERCURAD software
  • Periodical safety review – report development for nuclear facilities
  • Licensing and QA documentation elaboration for NPP classified equipment
  • Training and lecturing for different workshops and IAEA expert missions in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

International Atomic Energy Agency

Consultancy and lecturing services within IAEA expert missions, workshops and training courses focused on decommissioning in Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, China), Europe (Germany), Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Australia

Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic

Regulatory safety guides on decommissioning of nuclear facilities; technical study on activated radioactive waste management issues; independent review of decommissioning and radwaste management plan for Stage II of Bohunice V1 NPP decommissioning

Network of Nuclear Engineering and Energy Services

Safety assessment of new reactor designs in China: ACP1000, ACP100 and CAP1400 – Radwaste management and decommissioning chapters

Amec Foster Wheeler

Periodical Safety Review for Final Processing of Liquid RAW facility at Mochovce site – Human factor report development

Nuclear and Industrial Engineering

Collaboration in international programs on safety of nuclear facilities

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

Lecturing services for the workshop on inventory characterization and cost estimation in decommissioning


Kind Consultancy s.r.o. is owned and run by Kristína Krištofová PhD., graduate from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in Decommissioning of reactor structures, who has a long term of nuclear experience in Slovakia and internationally.

The list of publications

Past experience in:

  • Expert knowledge of nuclear power plants decommissioning (planning, characterization, safety and licensing documentation elaboration, standardised costing)
  • Deep understanding of RAW management system
  • Participation or project management of several international projects focused on decommissioning planning

Kind Consultancy s.r.o.

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